DIY Flash Diffuser (Code Name: AK49)

So here it is - the DIY Flash Diffuser whose performance rivals that of Gary Fong's Lightsphere. For a full article describing the process for building one of these please visit this post on the Gallerama Blog:

MaterialsClear foam, scissors and clear tape.

The "wrap around"Wrap the clear foam around the flash unit to gauge how much extra foam needs be removed.

Almost there!Cut the extra tape edges.

Flash protectorI plan on providing a better photo.

Why make one?When you can make two, twice the price (it is after all less than a dollar).

Lightsphere in action - side view

MaterialsClear foam, scissors and (different type of) clear tape.

Adjusting the widthRemove extra foam from the width by cutting it off with your scissors.

Tape aroundThe best way to do this would be while the foam is wrapped around your flash. This way you can ensure the proper fit. Keep in mind that the other opening will likely need to be of a different width since you flash is likely wider on that end.

In the bag 1Great fit!

3 flash diffusers

Photo with Lightsphere II CloudyMy diffuser can be seen in the foreground.

Measuring the length of the diffuserThe length (height) of the diffuser should match the length of your flash since it will be used as a flash case when stored or packed away.

Final CutYou should at this point have a piece of foam that looks something like this.

Tape the topApply some tape over the top of the diffuser to preserve its shape on that end. Please note that I've used the Scotch tape here since its more visible on the photos. But any clear (or white) tape should work.

In the bag 2

Flash diffuser in action

Photo with the custom flash diffuser.Lightsphere can be seen in the foreground.

Cut the foamCut along the length of the foam. I started out with a square foot of foam.

Tape the edgesAdding tape (wrapped around the edge) will make your flash diffuser a bit more durable.

Final Product

In the bag.And there's still plenty of room in that front pocket for my ExpoDisc and more!

AK49 in action - side view

From: kevjohn Photography | kevjohn2009@hotmail.com | Posted on: Feb 16, 2009 @ 01:04 PM EST
I was 2 mouse clicks away from buying a Fong Whale Tail when I found this. Uhh, I think I'll give the AK49 a try first. If this works I'll have another $100 for beer money!! I mean for charitable deeds.
From: Susan Martin | sue634@unite.com.au | Posted on: Aug 2, 2008 @ 10:36 PM EDT
I stumbled across your site and as a student photographer in Melbourne Australia, found it very very informative.... When I first started reading about the "lightsphere" I thought "Oh No.... something else I desperately need to have in my photographic arsenal ... How can I afford this !!! " So many thanks for sharing such a simple, and effective substitute... :) Long Live the AK49 !! and people willing to share their ideas!!!
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